8 reasons to live in Andorra


With an area of 468 km² and 75,000 inhabitants, Andorra has among the highest living standards in the world. Several world rankings put Andorra at the top for the health and well-being of its residents. There are countless reasons for this quality of life, and they only improve with time. Below, we have chosen 8 that will convince you to live in Andorra - if you’re not already here!


1- Andorra is nature:

Nestled in the heart of the Pyrenees, 90% of Andorra’s land consists of valleys, meadows, mountains, forests, rivers and lakes. Only 4% has been built up! 

2-Andorra is education and culture:  

Andorra has four excellent schooling systems, guaranteeing the highest standard of education, in Catalan, Spanish, French or English. The schools are spread across the country, with a very low pupil-teacher ratio and national and foreign teachers, the bases of a first-class educational system.

3- Andorra is sport:

As well as offering more than 300km of ski slopes, you can practise a wide range of open-air activities and sports, for all ages, including mountain biking, climbing, hiking, horse-riding, etc.

4- Andorra is shopping:

Andorra has several shopping areas with more than a thousand shops, offering all the latest fashions. Unlike its neighbouring countries, shops only close for four days a year!


5- Andorra is health:

Andorra has had the best healthcare system in the world for the last 25 years, ranked above Iceland and Switzerland. Equally, its natural environment encourages residents to follow healthy habits and lifestyles.

6- Andorra is safety:

Andorra has one of the lowest crime indexes in the world. Safety is not just a matter of figures but also how citizens feel. Living in peace and in a safe environment is essential to quality of life in the Principality. 

7- Andorra is business:

Andorra has endeavoured to foster national and foreign investment and create an opportunity for growth, optimisation and expansion of businesses. Andorra is recognised for its low tax burden and offers a highly competitive market with many business advantages.

8- Andorra is ecology: 

Andorra has demonstrated its commitment to the environment by signing international agreements such as the UN Climate Change Convention, including the task of lowering greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. On a national level, Andorra is sponsoring the use of electric transport.


One last curious fact to convince you... Did you know that life expectancy in Andorra is the fifth highest in the world? Maybe it’s the altitude and air quality, the delicious food, practising sport or the healthcare system. Whatever the reason, life in Andorra has countless advantages! If you haven’t already done so, look for a house or apartment on our website On Viure.

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