How to prepare your house for a sale

Once you have decided to sell your property, it must be ready to receive visits from potential buyers. The first impression they have of your house maybe the final one. For the buyer to be satisfied, it is necessary to enhance the strong points and minimize the weaknesses. For this, there are a series of tips that increase the chances of success with a minimal investment. Read the following suggestions that will help you prepare your home for a sale: 


 1- Make the space neutral:

Remove all personal objects from the house such as family photos or other decorations of your personal hobbies and tastes. The prospective buyer needs to focus on housing and his attention shouldn’t be diverted to objects. In addiction, a neutral atmosphere and decoration is more likely to please more people. 


2- Organization: 

Avoid accumulating unnecessary objects and furniture. The excess clutter will make the rooms look smaller than they are. It is important to give a greater sensation of space and that the rooms are well organised and functional. 


3- Repair small defects: 

A small investment to repair damages can be the key for a buyer to decide on a house. A deteriorated house gives the feeling it hasn’t been looked after and that there may be other problems or damages. Check all the plugs, taps and other similar equipment is in order and working. 


4- Painting: 

If the paint on the walls isn’t in good condition, choose a neutral and luminous colour such as white or light grey for a fresh coat of paint. Make sure the paint matches the other walls of the house. In addition, these colours increase the sense of space. 


5- Enhance the lighting:

Make sure the house has the necessary lighting. If possible, plan visits at a time when there is natural light and open the blinds and curtains. If the visit is at night, turn on all the lights of the house to make it cosy. 


6- Cleaning:

Make sure the house is clean at all times, especially the kitchen and the bathrooms. Remove the dust; clean the windows, the kitchen appliances, the floors and all other elements that may be dirty. 


7- Air the property: 

Smells are one of the first elements that a buyer may notice, for this reason it is important to avoid unpleasant smells. Air the property and, if possible, put a nice candle on with a soft smell. 


8- Kitchen appliances:

Good kitchen equipment attracts buyers and gives them the feeling they don’t have to invest in additional expenses. 


9- Make sure the house has a pleasant temperature:

If you receive a visit on a cold day, make sure you warm the property beforehand. However, if the visit is on a hot day, the house must be kept cool. The future tenant must feel comfortable during his visit. 


10- Outer areas:

If the house has outdoor spaces like a garden, it is important to cut the grass, shrubs and plants to make it look clean, nice and inviting. If the garden is cold or dreary, you can buy coloured plants and distribute them around the area. 


We hope these tips help you sell your property successfully! 


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